Tess Torelli April 10, 2018

Equal Pay Day was initiated to shed light on a persistent problem: On average, women earn $0.78 for every dollar a man earns.

But not all companies have such a big gap. Salary comparison site Comparably has compiled a list of the dozen tech companies with the smallest pay gaps — each has a gap of less than 3 percent for men and women with similar jobs.

In alphabetical order, the 12 tech companies with the smallest pay gaps are Adobe, Apple, Comcast, eBay, Google, Intel, Intuit, PayPal, Salesforce, T-Mobile, Verizon and Workday.

To compile this list, Comparably analyzed data from tens of thousands of median salary records from male and female employees at Fortune 500 public tech companies, as well as private companies that are unicorns. In addition to the salary data, Comparably also included the satisfaction ratings of female employees, comparing their answers to survey questions, to those from their male counterparts.

This list does not address the diversity of companies’ overall employee base or the breakdown of management and leadership roles.

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