Tess Torelli January 12, 2018

Expedia is “planting seeds for faster growth,” snapping up international hotels in Europe and Asia as a way to boost profits, according to one Wall Street firm. Morgan Stanley upgraded shares of Expedia to overweight, arguing that the company’s focus on expanding its overseas properties beyond the largest hotels should offer a better selection of […]

Tess Torelli January 11, 2018

Getty Images With the U.S. Capitol dome in the distance, a Delta airplane takes off from Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. U.S. airlines are on track for their eighth consecutive year of profits in 2017. As they report those 2017 and fourth-quarter profits investors will be focused on whether they can make those […]

Tess Torelli January 10, 2018

Domestic air travelers have been granted an 11th-hour reprieve. As of this week, all 50 states have met the Jan. 22 deadline to become compliant with Real ID or have an extension to do so, said Steve Yonkers, the Department of Homeland Security’s director of Real ID. That means passengers can continue to use their […]

Tess Torelli January 10, 2018

Most traveler comments (yes, sometimes customers are there to offer a compliment) are routine travel issues: delays, lost items, or cancellations. @ British_AirwaysNever easy to leave sunny PHX for rainy LHR but excellent crew on BA288 7 Jan made it much easier. Thank you! Now can you do something about the weather, please? 😉 The […]