Tess Torelli April 17, 2018

Democrats, driven by an enthusiastic base opposed to many policies proposed by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, are pushing to flip 23 Republican seats and win the House majority in November. McCarthy said voters have a choice between the new GOP tax code and one pushed by Democrats, who may try to return some tax rates on the wealthy to the pre-GOP law levels if they win the House.

“I think this is a healthy discussion they can have and a healthy debate, and at the end of the day, we’re going to win it,” the California Republican said.

Meanwhile, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, argued that voters have a “clear choice” in November between the Republican law and the previous tax system.

As many Americans scrambled to file their taxes Tuesday under the old tax code, Trump joined in on the GOP messaging. He tweeted: “Employment is up, taxes are DOWN. Enjoy!”

Republicans say the tax law will grow the economy, pointing to one-time bonuses or wage increases announced by many companies. Democrats have said it helps corporations at the expense of middle class and working families.

The law makes corporate cuts permanent, but individual cuts are only temporary. Republicans have said they want to make household tax reductions permanent.

Democrats have also raised concerns about the estimated $1 trillion or more the cuts are expected to add to budget deficits over a decade. The party has argued the GOP could cut funding from Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid to offset the deficits.

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