Tess Torelli April 7, 2018

The political wing of the Koch network was one of the most vocal supporters of the tax reform bill Trump signed last year. The group pushed the message that changes to the tax code will lead to economic growth across the country.

On Friday, with the president ratcheting up his trade rhetoric, Americans for Prosperity continued to make the case for the GOP tax cuts. In a recent article titled “5 Things to Look Forward to Under the New Tax Code,” the group promoted the notion that the reduced corporate tax rate — which was cut from 35 percent to 21 percent in the tax bill — will not only lead to strong growth, but more investments in the United States.

However, there is concern within Koch-backed groups that the ripple effects from a trade war could cancel out tax reform wins.

“We think when you look at tariffs this is a significant threat that can undermine tax reform and increase costs for people who are only just starting to feel the relief,” Americans for Prosperity’s top spokesman, Bill Riggs, told Giftofaservant.

The group has privately spoken with the White House about the tariffs. So far, the two sides have failed to see eye to eye on the administration’s trade policies.

“It’s been an ongoing conversation. We have a good line of communication with the White House’s economic policy team. They’ve explained their reasoning behind it and we just strongly disagree,” said Phillips, the Americans for Prosperity president.

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