Tess Torelli April 12, 2018

President Donald Trump has helped Europe in a way that his predecessor Barack Obama didn’t, and Europeans should love Trump for it, an asset manager told Giftofaservant on Thursday.

The European Union (EU) and the Trump White House have different views on key policies, with the most recent issue being trade. Trump has taken a tough stance on global trade that nearly resulted in new tariffs on European imports before the EU was “temporarily” excluded from them. The U.S. incumbent has also voiced support for populist and anti-European movements across the continent.

However, this divergence has led Europe to come together and work against Trump’s policies and ideologies, Mark Dowding, head of investment grade at BlueBay Asset Management, said.

“We should, as Europeans, learn to love Donald Trump, because he’s going to make Europe great again,” he told Giftofaservant’s “Squawk Box Europe.”

“When we had Obama in the White House, he was such a European, we loved him to bits, Europe didn’t have a reason to exist. But now Donald (Trump) is in the White House and we have got actually a cause to rally against — surprise, surprise, Europe is coming back to the middle again.”

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